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    Internal and External Audits

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    White Hat Hacker

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    Vulnerability Scanning and Management

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    Product Independent

    Cyber Solutions

We love what we do, and you will love too. 

Whatever we do, we do it with love, and you will love it.

We are a company established in Tallinn / Estonia. We are working on information security and management systems. What do we do for information security?

We visit your company, review your system, determine your risks. We are consulting on your request for ISO / IEC 27001 Information Security Systems. We conduct your internal and external audits. We care about the attack that may happen to your system, we report it to you by doing penetration tests and vulnerability analyzes to protect you from such harmful attacks. As we said before, we are doing what we are doing with love.

ISO Certifications

We are providing consultancy and certification for ISO Standarts


ISO/IEC 27001, White Hat Hacker Trainings

Penetration Tests

Penetration Tests, Internal and External AUDITs, Vulnerability Management

Well Documented

Well Documented AUDIT's reports and Product independent Cyber Security

Contact Info

Gonsiori tn 24-13 / Tallinn 10128 / Estonia
+90 532 741 80 41
+372 5459 8156
info [at] nordisglobal.com.

Established through e-residency in Estonia

Nord information security